Ivan Miguel Rosado Méndez
Research Associate

Address: Edificio : Colisur, c-28, Instituto de Física - UNAM, Circuito de la Investigación Científica, Ciudad Universitaria, Delegación Coyoacán, C.P. 4510, Ciudad de México, México
Postal Address: Instituto de Física, UNAM, P.O. Box 20-364, 01000 México, D.F.
Phone: +52 (55) 56225000   Extension number: 2625

Research Interests:

  1. Development and implementation of quality control and quality assurance programs for Ultrasound imaging
  2. Development of quantitative ultrasound technique for the assessment of structural brain damage in neonates
  3. Quantitative Ultrasound for the assessment of changes in cervical structure during pregnancy
  4. Quantitative-based Radiomics for breast cancer diagnosis

Most Recent Publications:

1. Tran WT; Jerzak K; Lu, FI; et al., Personalized breast cancer treatments using artificial intelligence in Radiomics and Pathomics, Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciencies, December 2019; 50(4), S32-S41 online

2. Carlson LC; Hall TJ; Rosado Mendez IM; et al., Quantitative assessment of cervical softening during pregnancy with shear wave elasticity imaging: an in vivo longitudinal study, Surface and Interface Analysis, October 2019; 9((5)), 20190030 online

3. Nasief HG; Rosado Méndez IM; Zagzebski JA; et al; A Quantitative Ultrasound-Based Multi-Parameter Classifier for Breast Masses, Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, October 2019;, 45(7), 1603-1616 online

4. Rosado Mendez IM; Noguchi KK; Castaneda Martinez L; et al., Quantitative ultrasound and apoptotic death in the neonatal primate brain, NEUROBIOLOGY OF DISEASE, July 2019; 127, 554-562 online

5. Guerrero QW; Fan LX; Brunke S; Rosado Méndez IMR, Power spectrum consistency among systems and transducers, Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, November 2018; 44(11), 2358-2370 online