PhD Guerda Massillon
Assistant Professor

Address: Edificio : Colisur, Cubículo: FE2, Instituto de Física - UNAM, Circuito de la Investigación Científica, Ciudad Universitaria, Delegación Coyoacán, C.P. 4510, Ciudad de México, México
Postal Address: Instituto de Física, UNAM, P.O. Box 20-364, 01000 México, D.F.
Phone: +52 (55) 56225186   Extension number: 2127
Fax: +52 (55) 56225009

Research Interests:

  1. 3D gel response induced by ionizing radiation
  2. Radiation dosimetry and Medical Applications
  3. Use of density Functional Theory (DFT) through hybrid functionals to study defects and damages produced by ionizing radiation in matter
  4. Use of dielectric function method to study the Interaction processes of very low-energy electrons in dosimetric materials

Most Recent Publications:

1. Massillon G; Cabrera Santiago A; Xicohtencatl Hernandez N, Relative efficiency of Gafchromic EBT3 and MD-V3 films exposed to low-energy photons and its influence on the energy dependence, Physica Medica: European Journal of Medical Physics, April 2019; 61, 8-17 online

2. Massillon JL G; Johnston CSN; Kohanoff J., On the role of magnesium in a LiF:Mg,Ti thermoluminescent dosimeter, Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, January 2019; 31, 025502 online

3. G Massillon-JL, N Aragón-Martínez, A Gómez-Muñoz and A Hernández-Guzmán, Absorbed dose to water rate in a CyberKnife VSI system reference field using ionization chambers and Gafchromic films, International Journal of Medical Physics, Clinical Engineering and Radiation Oncology , February 2017; 6(1), 80-92 online

4. Cabrera-Santiago, A; Massillon, G, Track-average LET of secondary electrons generated in LiF:Mg,Ti and liquid water by 20-300 kV x-ray, Cs-137 and Co-60 beams, Physics in Medicine and Biology, November 2016; 61(22), 7919-7933 online

5. Guerda Massillon-JL, Ivan Domingo Muñoz-Molina and Porfirio Díaz-Aguirre, Optimum absorbed dose versus energy response of Gafchromic EBT2 and EBT3 films exposed to 20–160 kV x-rays and 60Co gamma, Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express, July 2016; 2(4), 045005 online